Go Green


M J Cooper Builders are now “Going Green” and can offer the opportunity to incorporate eco friendly and sustainable building methods that have not previously been available.  

M J Cooper Builders Going Green

As M J Cooper Builders are always trying to look forward and
strive to keep using the most modern and eco friendly building techniques, it
was only a matter of time until we started using new methods that see items
like solar panels linked with under floor heating.  We can use the surface water collected by the roof to supply heating and flushing devices in the property.

The services that M J Cooper Builders can offer are: solar panels,
rain water harvesting systems, ground exchange heat pumps, small scale wind
turbines, solid fuel burning stoves and boilers.

There are many new techniques and methods that can be built into
any project that will have long term benefits to the environment but also to
the property owner. The government is keen to “Go Green” that means that there
are rewards for people with the positive approach to sustainable energy.

As well as the production side of “Going Green” M J Cooper Builders
can insulate the property to above current guide lines to make sure that the
property is totally efficient in producing power and heat but also maintaining the
temperature of the building.  This can be
done using conventional insulating methods, but also by using the ultra environmentally
friendly sheep’s wool.

Any of your needs can be discussed in detail by filling in
the form in the contact section.